WATCH: Alex Lombard Says Sean Spicer Called Him the ‘N-Word’


Alex Lombard says that Sean Spicer called him the “N-word” while the pair were students at the Portsmouth Abbey School in Rhode Island. The video, obtained by the Newport Daily News, shows the former White House press secretary Sean Spicer signing copies of his book, “The Briefing,” in Middletown, Rhode Island on July 27.

Lombard can be seen getting Spicer’s attention and reminding him that the pair attended prep school together. Lombard says, “Sean, I was a day student too at Abbey, with you… Don’t you remember?” Spicer’s fans laugh at first at Lombard bringing up the pair’s past together. Lombard then accuses Spicer of trying to fight him while they were in high school saying, “You don’t you remember you tried to fight me? But you called me a n***** first.” That is met with loud groans from Spicer’s fans. Lombard is then led out by security but not before saying, “I was 14 then. I was a scared kid then, Sean. I’m not scared to fight you now.” One Spicer fan can be heard in the video saying of Lombard, “He should be arrested immediately.”

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Lombard told the Newport Daily News that he attended the Portsmouth Abbey School around the same time as Spicer. Lombard graduated in 1990, Spicer in 1989. When asked why he went to the book signing to make his allegation against Spicer, Lombard told the Daily News, “I support anyone who worked for Trump, or is in the Trump cabinet. I want to make America great, and I’m tired of all the (expletive).”

Lombard has made the allegation about Spicer previously. In September and February 2017 Lombard posted:

Lombard has also commented directly on Spicer’s tweets saying:

In May 2014, Lombard tweeted at TMZ saying, “@TMZ theoretically if i was at Miley concert and she spit on me w/ water, if there was residual DNA, could i replicate it and clone her?”

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